A unique algorithm designed to analyse beauty trend information powers the starting point of our forecast exploration.

Bespoke in-house software monitors qualitative data across a variety of platforms from video to digital media and blog content. It processes natural language into numbers and statistics. Data sets are valuable in this growing digital age but it doesn't define the future beauty conversation. Instead, we use it as fuel to power the trend content and analysis we provide.

Why process natural language?

Creating quantitative data from language allows us to spot newly emerging trends and study changes in consumer focus, social media and how other industries affect beauty. 

Sales data and existing popularity metrics tell a story after the fact. They’re important for tracking established ideas but don’t have the context to look to the future. Our trend reports discuss:

  • the story so far…”,

  • what’s next?

  • "why is this shift occurring?"

  • "how this could affect the future?"

  • "where should brands be directing their strategies?"

Trend reports cover:

  • Skincare, Hair, Colour Cosmetics, Fragrance and Retail

  • Premium and mass market

  • Global beauty trends and location focused innovation and insight

  • Global shifts and emerging trends

  • Macro, micro and niche focus

  • White space and exploring future concepts 

  • Highlights of the brands and products championing trends

  • Showcasing early adopters and innovators

  • Indie and beauty startup features