Analog Rituals

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In a fast-paced digital landscape, the role of disconnected moments and relaxing rituals are increasingly significant. Digital detox retreats and social media free weekends are more common. People are searching to adopt slow living approaches in their work and life. How can beauty brands encourage this analog space?

It’s about creating beauty rituals and sensory experiences that resonate with consumers and their emotional well-being in those offline moments.

  • Luxurious textures that feel good on the skin such as lighter oils and serums that don’t feel greasy, silky creams and cooling gel and jelly formulations.
  • Calming and relaxing scents that utilise aromatherapy and essential oils to create that at-home spa vibe. Alongside a rise in at-home devices for creating a pamper experience in your personal space.
  • Embracing DIY beauty and pulling inspiration from ayurvedic roots and traditional medicine. The use of mixing bowls and spatulas to apply skincare are growing in popularity. On Trend: Chic Chiq.
  • More oil blends and cocktails on the market under the theme of alchemy, potions and crafted products presenting a sophisticated magic theme. On Trend: German brand Apomanum's bottled toner waters and Birch hair tonic. Frank Leder's Tradition brand is inspired by German culture and has a range of products with potion style labeling and packaging design. There is also a heavy food theme from pickled fruit body wash to wheat beer shampoo.
  • Some beauty brands are focusing more on self-care rituals through their branding and ways in which you apply their products. In particular, the use of 'brush on' products from fragrance to mask brushes. On Trend: Canadian based brand Kunye Complexion Co., Soak Society and Urban Botanika.
  • Honing in on the concept of wild-crafted beauty. Unlike the organic botanicals and herbs we find in most products, wild-crafting uses plants foraged in their natural habitat. Resonating with slow living concepts, when used in beauty it evokes an emotional response through grounding a stronger nature connection with the consumer. On Trend: Khus+Khus,Rohr Remedy and Mono Natural Oils.

Slow living and analog concepts alongside their Nordic and Japanese influence are discussed in more detail in Beauty Look Ahead 2018/19. 

Sarirah Hamid