Trend Report: Athleisure Beauty

2018 beauty trends

Pretty Analytics presents ATHLEISURE BEAUTY. This emerging trend report explores:


002 BRANDS ON TREND (early adopters)

003 ADOPT + INNOVATE (how can brands move into the athleisure beauty space?)

004 VISUAL DATA STORIES (analysing qualitative data on this trend produced into graphs and charts)

005 LOOK AHEAD (what should brands be focusing on to build a brand in this emerging trend space?)

For Brands: Explore athleisure beauty futures, innovative white space and map out areas of expansion within your business and strategy.

For Retailers: Explore brands headlining as early adopters and plan newness based on consumer demand.

For industry insiders + writers: Gain insight into the future trends and topics of conversation in athleisure beauty and stay ahead of the curve.

Sarirah Hamid