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Kicking off 2018 with a Discovery Friday focused on Nordic beauty. Brands from the Nordic region are ones to watch for their use of skin beneficial ingredients that can withstand harsh conditions and highly coveted aesthetic. They are slowly making their presence known here in the UK. Brands such as Ole Henriksen and recently Lumene are more readily available in the e-commerce space. Today we look at 6 Nordic beauty brands that we hope to see more of across the UK and US in the coming years.

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Meraki (Denmark)

This lifestyle and skincare brand have a keen eye for minimal design. From candles to konjac sponges they even offer sheet masks and beautifully designed brushes from maple wood.

ELDE Cosmetics (Norway)

Organic skincare and makeup inspired by traditional Scandinavian rituals; with a fresh, modern feel. This cruelty free Norwegian brand utilises ingredients from Nordic bilberries high in lactic acid to rosehip oil, jasmine and clary sage. A vegan brand currently available in the UK at Content Beauty.

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ČUVGET (Norway)

Developed through merging the powers of nature and science, this Norwegian product range utilises their trademarked Arctic Čaga extract. Used in traditional medicine for generations, it comes from a rare species of mushroom that grows on the bark of birch trees in Northern regions. As with many natural Nordic ingredients, they have the power to withstand extreme weather conditions making them suited to protective and hydrating skincare.

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Mayawater (Norway)

A face mist hailing from the Norwegian mountains. A main body of pure water from the Skogshorn spring in Hemsedal, Norway. This mineral rich and hydrating therma spring water is infused with antioxidant rich additions of white tea, goji and acai berries.

True North (Denmark)

Created by Jan Behrens, a Danish medical doctor, this Scandinavian brand focuses on the art of “Lagom” (everything in moderation) and paying attention to de-stressing your skin. It balances formulations of an aloe vera complex and active ingredients across a range of luxury products.

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Nykr (Norway)

This handmade range caught my eye with its thoughtful offering. In particular, eye pillows filled with organic flaxseed, lavender and mint in beautiful designs. Using the wonders of acupressure, these pillows are designed to help ease tension and provide relaxing moments. The SuperSolid Pomade is the solid perfume version of what is essential the famous Molecule 01 fragrance. It is Iso E-super formulated with beeswax, jojoba butter and hydrating oils. Designed for fragrance touch ups throughout the day.

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Niki Newd (Finland)

Artisan, small batch skincare blended in Helsinki using the best that nature has to offer including Nordic favourites sea buckthorn and lingonberry oils. Their Skin Velvet Serum is featured in this month’s British Vogue.

Sarirah Hamid