Trend Notes: Face Mists Are Making A Comeback

Photo by  Ho Hyou  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ho Hyou on Unsplash

The last year has seen the concept of “skin misting” develop into a skincare step worth investing in. The global market for face mists is rising with new formulations infusing beneficial skin ingredients from superfoods to hyaluronic acid. Bi-phase solutions, targeted skin finishes (matte to “yoga glow”)  and super fine mists elevate this product category.

Face mists have moved on from simple hydrating waters and makeup setting sprays. They encourage mist layering to sandwich in serum and moisturiser steps. They provide the mechanism to deliver an around the clock, travel-friendly skincare step.

Source: Data Points captured by Pretty Analytics

Source: Data Points captured by Pretty Analytics

Source: Google Trends search data Jan - June 2019

Source: Google Trends search data Jan - June 2019


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist contains 84% watermelon. This new launch has been a major boost for this category encouraging new imagery such as “fog mist”.  - According to Google Trends, searches for "watermelon" in relation to face mists has increased 200% in the last 6 months.

Tatcha Satin Skin Mist is an innovative formula that suspends Okinawa clay in an ultra-fine mist. Labelled as an oil-free "liquid powder" it’s marketed as being able to refresh the skin whilst avoiding shine.

It’s Skin Power 10 Mists utilise a serum/essence like formulation in an ultra fine spritz format. Featuring active ingredients that highlight popular skin concerns.

Bioeffect OSA Water Mist contains bioavailable silica alongside hyaluronic acid in order to refresh and hydrate skin with a mattified finish. It comes in an innovative tube for easy travel rather than a bottle.


  • We will see more face mists housed in travel appropriate packaging.

  • Formulated with power waters such as Icelandic water, plant and fruit waters (e.g cactus) and infused with core skin ingredients such as AHAs and pollutant protectants.

  • Tailored to various skin types.

  • Streamlined spritzing mechanisms to control dosage and avoid product waste.

  • Expanding into SPF sun and after sun care alongside how the misting approach can benefit body care.

Sarirah Hamid