Superfood Skincare

Exploring "Superfood skincare". From the kitchen table to bathroom shelf and DIY beauty finding its way into beauty routines across the globe.

There is a strong connection between the beauty industry and wellness, food and lifestyle. We're seeing Pantone's colour of the year, "greenery", manifest itself across these industries. From a focus on well-being to natural, sustainable ingredients. Alongside the rise in DIY beauty, brands have every-day kitchen ingredients starring in their products. From turmeric to coconut oil and the popular honey. Superfood skincare surrounds more than just kale. Finding their way into beauty routines across the globe. Artichoke is a rising superfood star among Korean beauty brands. Quinoa and Baobab feature in sheet masks.

Ingredients to watch:
• Honey

• Turmeric

• Oatmeal

• Activated Charcoal

• Potent plant-based ingredients.

Whilst the term "superfood skincare" is not commonly referenced by consumers, ingredients such as turmeric, honey and charcoal have become favourites in homemade masks. These have been popular web search terms across the US, UK, India, South Africa and Australia according to Google. With a passion for ayurvedic beauty in the Indian market and a consumer demand for more natural skincare options in Australia, we expect traditional plant based medicine and rarer botanicals to become the focus of the next generation of superfood skincare.



People choose to document and feed their wanderlust in different ways. Having traveled and experienced the wonders of over 50 countries, Alexandra Janson chose to create Oilixia. A natural beauty brand that encompasses ethically sourced rare and interesting botanicals, oils and extracts. This small batch produced skincare line includes potent and effective ingredients held in high regard across many cultures; oil from the Amazonian Cacay tree and Australian Kakadu plum.

Jeju Island

Korean beauty brands have been showcasing the botanical wonders of Jeju Island. From its volcanic rich soil to flowers such as camellia and lotus , it’s listed as a world heritage site for good reason.


Inspired by traditional beauty rituals and natural ingredients of Africa, Malée encompasses that balance between connecting with nature and enhancing a product’s ability through modern science.

The next generation of botanical and food based ingredients and the evolution of DIY beauty are discussed in the Beauty Look Ahead 2018/19 trend report.

Sarirah Hamid