The Gaming Influence


The gaming industry shows hugely successful growth year on year. From manifesting advanced technology (such as the augmented reality used in Pokemon Go) to providing interactive platforms, it has inspired creativity in many industries. In particular, let’s look at how the gaming world will continue to influence beauty.

The Collectable Factor

From limited editions to collectable lipsticks, the notion of wanting to own all the shades in a collection or the ones with your favourite packaging is waning. Brands have evolved this into creating kits. From discovery sets that act as a brand introduction to curated kits to equip for the occasion. Although, limited edition options are still prolific in the gifting season, travel sizes and those you find on the way to the checkout in-store still harbour that collectable factor.

On Trend: Ouai Morning After Kit, Skyn Iceland Skin Hangover Kit, Benefit’s Work Kit Girl set. From retailers we’ve seen Cult Beauty’s limited edition beauty boxes in collaboration with Caroline Hirons and the Powered By Feel Unique range that curates edits from Hair Heroes to Skincare Saviours.

Let’s Collaborate

Collaborations between beauty brands and characters are nothing new when it comes to Korean brands. From Pokemon sheet masks by Tony Moly to The Face Shop’s Disney and Simpsons masks. Glamglow recently paired up with Sonic the Hedgehog, his 90’s face gracing their Gravity Mud packaging. Collaborating with popular gaming characters looks to be a way forward to provide limited edition options for the growing male beauty consumer. Although, we’d say that anyone who’s a gaming fan is going to be curious about these.

Extending these collaborative initiatives, we expect to see more brands teaming up with influential figures in the industry from makeup artists to digital content creators alongside embracing charities and social projects.

Fast Paced Play

Remember when it was common to see commuters playing Angry Birds or other mobile games on their way home? Mobile apps opened up a world of quick access solutions from entertainment to an emergency manicure. Standing on a train platform with decent Wi-Fi you can now book yourself in for manicures, blow drys and other pampering activities in a matter of minutes with apps like Blow Ltd and Treatwell.

Continuing to evolve this fast paced connection between beauty professionals and clients is Sharmadean Reid’s new venture BeautyStack. A carefully curated group of talented professionals to choose from, it’s looking to be a blend of inspiring portfolios and tailored networking.

In-app purchases are yet to unlock their full potential. Keep your eyes peeled as more retailers and brands begin to embrace the power of shopping through an app. Providing their loyal customers with a tailored service, exclusives and that all important virtual makeup try-on experience.

Bonus Wins

The hidden treasure chest or that unlocked game level bring about a certain type of joy under the umbrella of bonus wins. Online retail does this well:

  • Free gifts when you spend over a certain threshold (automatically added to cart)
  • Hidden discount codes in an Easter egg hunt style game
  • Exclusive gifts or discount codes in your birthday month
  • That choice of choosing from a selection of luxury samples at checkout
  • The rise in beauty Advent calendars ranging from the high street retail editions to luxury fragrance is proving to be successful.

Build It Yourself

The process of creating your in-game character or raiding your inventory for a cool equip can be a great joy. In a time where customisation is important to consumers, the “build it yourself” factor is enticing in beauty.  There’s a real element of play from pick ‘n’ mix sampling (like Birchbox’s pop up store), Debenhams’ 10 step Korean beauty shopping experience to creating your own makeup palettes. We hope to see more in the way of customisation such as “build your ideal bath bomb” or “create your favourite flavoured lip balm”. If these were accessible to create in-app, it would be the ultimate beauty game where you can purchase your creation.

From character collaborations to the way we shop, this Pretty Analytics trend story looks at the gaming industry's influence on beauty.
Sarirah Hamid