What's Trending in Q2 and Beyond?

Pretty Analytics analysed over 250 articles covering beauty within Q22019 (April-June). We were able to group and pinpoint the most common trend topics talked about to highlight where the beauty conversation is heading for the second half of 2019.

Source: Data Points captured by Pretty Analytics


Conversations highlighting ingredients alongside natural and vegan products have been key. We can also see the topics of zero waste and sustainability emerging as the industry embraces long term goals and approaches to a greener future.

  1. As expected, due to the time of year, “glitter”, “festivals” and “travel” were key topics.

  2. “Brows” were a popular focus and are one to watch seeing natural, brushed up brows picking up as a trend again into A/W.

  3. K-beauty’s “skipcare” trend made headlines leading the way to streamlined skincare routines. A topic that we’ve already noticed an uplift for in Q3 and one we discussed back in January 2018.

  4. Whilst the wellness connection to beauty still holds strong, we’re seeing granularity with particular areas gaining momentum. Crystals and a focus on biological rhythms (in particular connecting with lunar cycles) has been the most popular. We’re seeing these luxury wellness concepts filter into mainstream offerings.

  5. Interestingly is the uptake in conversations on fragrance. We’re seeing this sector grow as it is explored through a luxury lens and the story of scent’s emotional connection is being told visually and through the written word.


Source: Google Trends search data Jan - June 2019

Sarirah Hamid