Beauty Look Ahead 2018/19

Beauty Look Ahead 2018/19


Pretty Analytics presents Beauty Look Ahead: a future beauty trends forecast report to inspire, grow and shape your brand, PR, beauty stories and strategies into 2020 and beyond. These 9 chapters of trend storytelling explore megatrends, cross-industry observations and key look ahead focus points to fuel the next five+ years of beauty innovation and ideas in your business.

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  • It offers beauty industry foresight over 9 distinct chapters portraying global shifts.

  • Beauty analysed from the inside out - discussing global innovation from individual ingredients to packaging and the changing face of retail.

  • Gain access to visualised data insights harnessed from the qualitative data collected and analysed by Pretty Analytics.

  • Discover “On Trend” examples of brands already ahead of the curve particularly in the indie beauty space.

  • Explore megatrends and cross-industry observation and how they will influence the future of beauty from technology to consumer lifestyles.

  • Discover whitespace to inspire and grow your future beauty business strategies and stories.

  • Access observations, actionable steps and key look ahead focus points to fuel your next five+ years of beauty innovation. This includes a “Trend Map” that shows how all of the larger and sub-trends discussed in this report link together. It will help visualise new paths and connections between future trends and concepts.



01. Exploring the qualitative data Pretty Analytics' bespoke software curates via digital content. Key concepts and trends are analysed and picked from the crowd.

02. (Forward thinking + an eye for detail) x standing outside the box = trend mapping and connecting themes across industries. Discussing how these shape the future of beauty and where market gaps surface. 

03. Each chapter explores a larger umbrella trend in detail. Telling a story through visualised data and on-trend examples.

04. To wrap up, we summarise with key takeaway points and a trend map to help you visualise new paths and connections between future trends and concepts.

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